A new name

Since we first published proposals for the Energy Park, many people have made it clear that you didn't like the name. This was the subject of several conversations at the public event in June and has been evident through survey responses and some of the interactions on social media too.

We'd chosen the name Chiltern Green Energy Park because it reflected the site's location on Chiltern Green Road, less than a mile from Chiltern Green itself. Some of you didn't like the association.

With so many important aspects to be discussed, we didn’t want something as simple as a name to get in the way. So we’ve changed it. From now on, the project will be called Lea Bank Energy Park

We think this new name still reflects the location and purpose of the facility without making any direct links to specific local villages or areas. All the information, and more, has been transferred across to the new website, www.lbep.uk and the email address and social media accounts will change too, now that we've told you the plans.

The project is still in pre-application stage so we're keen to hear your views and opinions which are essential in informing plans and helping is develop a facility which best serves the local community. Have your say via our survey or by emailing us at info@lbep.uk